Flour Companies

    Central Milling Co
    122 E Center
    Logan, UT 84321
    Lyndi Larson
    435 752-6625

    Honeyville Grain
    635 North Billy Mitchell Road
    Salt Lake City, UT 84127
    Don Mann
    801 972-2168

    For over 50 years Honeyville Food Products has been providing wholesale food ingredients to the food service industry. In addition to premium ingredients, Honeyville offers a wide variety of specialty milled flours and cereal, beverage, and bakery mixes to wholesale food processors, bakeries, and manufacturers including pancake mixes, brownie mixes and scones and cocoa.
    WEDO Gluten Free
    1244 Ironhorse Dr, Suite A
    Park City, UT 84060
    Todd Francis
    435 640-0265

    WEDO Gluten Free is the first and only Banana Flour company in the US delivering a new healthy and superior alternative to the gluten free community. WEDO's Banana Flour is made from green cavendish bananas from Ecuador and contains high levels of fiber, potassium and resistance starch (RS2).