Compost Companies

    Dino-Mite All Natural Plant Food and Minerals
    3350 W Director’s Row
    Salt Lake City, UT 84104
    Kelly Park
    801 673-8798

    Dino-Mite helps create the perfect soil and gives outstanding results by combining inorganic minerals, micronutrients, and trace elements from an ancient volcanized seabed along with the organic and naturally composted matter of an ancient freshwater forest combined to create the most synergistic colloidal positive and negative ion charged plant food that is readily available to stimulate roots to be the biggest and best they can be! Dino-Mite Plant Food is sold in nurseries throughout the Salt Lake Valley. You can view a list of current retailers on our website, or purchase online as well.
    Miller Companies LC
    1836 W 4600 S
    Hyrum, UT 84319
    Floyd Faucette
    435 245-3157

    Miller Companies LC is a manufacturer of top quality Blue Ribbon Landscape Products. We produce over 60 products from our highly recommended Box garden mix, Box garden kits, a variety of composts, soils,potting mixes, mulches and barks along with organic plant foods. Check out all of our products along with helpful tips at GROW THE ORGANIC WAY!
    Nature s Organix
    4255 West 500 North
    Fillmore, UT 84361
    Vern Fisher
    435 743-4310

    Primo Grow Group
    1001 West 1020 South
    Provo, UT 84601
    Robert Stone
    801 709-6835

    Primo Grow Group Distributes A Calcium Montmorillonite Mineral When Added To Your Soil Brings A Full Spectrum Of 78 Chelated Ionic Trace Minerals That Delivers Readily Available Nutrients For Plant Utilization. Our Minerals Will Create The Optimum Biology By Re-Mineralizing your Soil For Higher Yields, Pest Tolerance, Reduction In Water Use And The Healthiest Plants Possible. We Wholesale To Soil Blenders, Product Formulators, Lawn & Garden Retailers, Commercial Growers, Composters And Retail To The General Public. This Soil Amendment is 100% Organic, Contains No Animal And Works Amazingly!