Lamb Producers

    Bullhead Ranch
    3742 West 7550 South
    Benjamin, UT 84660
    Tom Buckley
    801 369-5503

    Lamb, Honey, Natural Soap
    DHA Family Farms
    4887 N 400 W
    Beryl, UT 84714
    Shari Thomas
    435 868-3024

    DHA Family Farms aka "Four Country Gals" raises assorted certified organic vegetables for two Farmers' Markets in Cedar City. We also have limited availability of lamb, beef, and eggs.
    Elk Hollow Farm
    747 Copper Street
    Stockton, UT 84071
    Beryl Schwartz
    435 834-9580

    Lamb Jacob sheep roving Jacob yarn
    Morgan Valley Lamb
    255 North 2250 West
    Delta, UT 84624
    Wes Crandall
    801 376-0038

    The Gillmor family has been in the sheep business for over three generations. Many of the traditional ways of raising sheep have not changed over this time. Fresh air, clean water, and wholesome forage make the best lamb. Utah terrain grows some of the best tasting lamb in the world, but most of the lamb raised in Utah leaves the state, going to markets on the east and west coasts. In 2001, Jamie and Linda Gillmor, owners of Morgan Valley Lamb began marketing their naturally raised lambs to local high end restaurants and quality supermarkets in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.