Wholesale/Distributor Companies

    ALLGOOD Provisions
    2260 Park Ave, #14
    Park City, UT 84068
    Jake Boyd
    435 901-0247

    ALLGOOD Provisions is a original brand of 100% organic snack foods including nuts, dried fruits, and trail mixes.
    Buy the Bulk
    3556 S. 250 W.
    Nibley, UT 84321
    Laura Frandsen
    435 753-1121

    Buy the Bulk is designed to help you get discounted prices on bulk food items. We buy directly from the growers and get you the cheapest price. The food we sell is always fresh and inexpensive.
    Condies Foods
    5300 W 4890 S
    Kearns, UT 84118
    Lane Dubois
    801 969-1448

    Fresh-Cut Vegetables Fresh-Cut Fruit Potatoes ready to brown and serve or just whole-peeled that you cut yourself Hamburger Kits for ground beef and turkey Kits and Order Fulfillment Services: We assemble the kits so you don't have to
    Dibble Farms, Inc.
    2463 W. Gentile St.
    Layton, UT 84041
    Cleve M. Dibble
    801 544-3825

    Family-owned farm since 1882. Produces potatoes, sweet corn, popcorn, pumpkins and fall ornamentals, alfalfa hay, wheat.
    Fog River Seafood
    1360 South Redwood Road
    Salt Lake City, UT 84104
    John Bowen
    801 996-4600

    Fog River Seafood is a locally owned wholesale seafood distributor headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah
    Joe Granato Inc
    46 Orange Street
    Salt Lake City, UT 84116
    Marty Granato
    801 359-8651

    Wholesale fruit and produce distributor
    Mountain States Produce LLC
    550 South Depot Drive #8
    Ogden, UT 84404
    Mke Jacobson
    801 337-4245

    Farm fresh produce to retailers and food service companies, distributor
    Mountain View Mushrooms
    550 South 1100 West
    Fillmore, UT 84631
    Bart Adams
    435 743-6817

    We grow, harvest, package, and distribute our products from the rural community of Fillmore, Utah. Our products are sold through many supermarkets and food service institutions. Our products are labeled as Mountain View Mushrooms® or under our customer’s label at their request. Also now offering produce and compost.
    Muir Copper Canyon Farms
    951 S 3600 W
    Salt Lake City, UT 84104
    Phil Muir
    801 980-6091

    Muir Copper Canyon Farms is the local leader in fresh food distribution to the food service industry and is recognized locally as the premier produce and specialty food supplier along the Wasatch Front. Muir Copper Canyon Farms consistently strives for excellence in quality and freshness.
    Nicholas & Company, Inc.
    5520 W Harold Gatty Rd
    Salt Lake City, UT 84116
    Roger Bradshaw
    801 531-1100

    Nicholas & Company has assembled resources that include a team of foodservice experts, state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, exemplary food safety practices, and refined efficiencies. We are committed to remaining family-owned, which allows us to answer to Main Street, not Wall Street. Our focus is on you, our customer. We distribute meat, dairy, and grocery items to restaurants and food service companies.
    Nuvona Premium Foods
    Preston Sallenback
    385 225-7857

    Our company manufacturers, packages and markets premium quality long term storable foods and emergency essentials. We specialize in premade servings of dehydrated and freeze dried entrees and offer to both wholesale and retail customers the finest ingredients and best tasting storable foods available. We also offer to private label dried dairy products, milks, soups, pastas and chili's as well as freeze dried meats, fruits, vegetables and grains for the emergency foods and food storage industries.
    Paulista Distributing
    Salt Lake City, UT 84165
    Don Sommers
    801 580-1582

    I have been in the food distribution business independently for nearly 24 years. I have introduced several successful brands that are on the grocers shelves today. I am in the process of creating my own brands soon to be in your favorite stores. I'm sure they will become successful too in the near future. I really enjoy the grocery business and have been in it since 1969. I am looking forward to a continued rewarding future in our beautiful state Utah.
    Smart Distribution
    1000 N State Street, Suite 102
    Orem, UT 84057
    Spencer Pope
    801 477-5075

    Are you tired of your distribution company? Do you need a distribution company? Would you like to have someone who delivers your products for better prices and that will give you fantastic service? Smart Distribution can help you!
    Standard Wood Supply
    3300 S 155 1/2 W
    Salt Lake City, UT 84115
    Tom Williams
    801 485-9663

    We supply Cherry, Apple, Hickory, Oak, Pecan, Mesquite, Cedar planks to restaurants. We will deliver and split your wood to your personal specks. All our wood is the finest quality, seasoned and ready to burn.
    Utah Coffee Roasters
    2375 South West Temple
    Salt Lake City, UT 84115
    Skip Huntress
    801 486-3334

    Utah Coffee Roasters combines the passion for great coffee with the consistency of fluid bed coffee roasting. We source green beans from around the world and roast 150,000 pounds per year under the brand name "Snow Canyon Coffee". BROG Distributors delivers our coffee to offices and deli restaurants throughout the state.
    Winder Farms
    4400 W 4100 S
    West Valley City, UT 84120
    Melanie Robinson
    801 963-4801

    Winder Farms has been delivering fresh dairy products to the doorsteps of tens of thousands of Utah homes since 1880. Since then, we've grown and so has the assortment of products we deliver! We're no longer just the milkman; we are now more like a farmers market on wheels, delivering fresh groceries to the doors of families across Utah, Nevada, and California. In addition to our award-winning dairy products, we deliver fresh produce, baked goods, premium meats, and much more. In fact, we now deliver over 300 products that come fresh from the farm!