Candy Companies

    Amano Artisan Chocolate
    496 S 1325 West
    Orem, UT 84058
    Clark Goble
    801 655-1996

    Amano is a chocolate company where the word "compromise" is never spoken and where quality and flavor reign supreme. Our chocolate has received world-wide recognition for its superior flavor and each day we hone our techniques and focus once again on making our chocolate even better. We seek to make the ultimate chocolate so that you can enjoy the ultimate chocolate. We produce Cuyagua Premium Dark Chocolate, Cuyagua Premium Dark Chocolate, and Madagascar Premium Dark Chocolate.
    Amber Lyn Chocolates, Inc.
    1812 W Sunset Blvd Suite 34
    Saint George, UT 84720
    Marc Purles
    801 699-3292

    Amber Lyn Chocolates is single minded in its dedication and passion for creating superior quality sugar free chocolate & low carb chocolate confections. Our chocolate candy is made from finest cocoa beans grown in equatorial Africa and South America.
    PO Box 521620
    Salt Lake City, UT 84116
    Bruce Jones
    801 556-9788

    Caramel candy truly made the old fashioned way - slow cooked in copper kettles - with fresh, premium local ingredients, they might be the finest caramels you’ll ever taste. We also produce the finest nougats crafting the nougat in a precision process that requires just the right ingredients, temperature and time.
    Bella Rose Chocolates
    2654 S Lost Creek Cir.
    Saratoga Springs, UT 84045
    Jennifer Washburn
    801 473-5468

    We specialize in artisian chocolates and confections. We cater to weddings, parties and also offer fundraising.
    Cavanaugh s Chocolates
    835 Northpointe Circle
    Salt Lake City, UT 84054
    Michael Wall
    801 677-8888

    Cavanaugh's produces traditional assortment of chocolates, cherry cordials, pecan cavaliers, mint chocolate and sugarless confections and chocolates.
    Chocolate Chatterbox LLC
    2868 East 3185 South
    Salt Lake City, UT 84109
    Rose Studstrup
    801 466-1635

    Gourmet chocolate novelty products
    6169 South 2900 East
    Ogden, UT 84403
    Ruth Kendrick
    801 475-5050

    Award-winning artisan chocolates and toffee. Colored cocoa butter and other techniques make our chocolates look as good as they taste. We use only top-quality ingredients and local when possible. Freshness is very important in our high-end products. We do enrobed as well as molded pieces. Our chocolate bars are made with premium chocolate and topped with caramelized nuts and dried fruits. Our toffee has won awards for its tender bite and delicious flavor. Dry-roasted almonds, premium dark chocolate, fleur de sel salt, sweet cream butter and sugar combine to make an irresistible candy treat.
    Cox Honeyland and Gifts
    1780 South Hwy 91
    Logan, UT 84321
    Michelle Spuhler
    435 752-3234

    Honey products and gifts managed by the Cox family from the beehives through production to the gift store.
    Cummings Studio Chocolates
    679 East 900 South
    Salt Lake City, UT 84105
    Marion Cummings
    801 328-4858

    Cummings has been making candy in small quality controlled batches for over 85 years. Products include a variety of fine chocolate candy, popcorn, peanut brittle, andd toffee.
    Daniel's Fine Chocolates
    4699 S Holladay Blvd.
    Holladay, UT 84117
    Daniel L. Smith
    801 679-3199

    We hand make and hand dip the finest truffles, cremes, caramels and specialties only found at Daniel's! Best chocolates in Utah!
    Fernwood Finest Candies
    1842 West Research Way
    West Valley City, UT 84119
    Daniel Sharp
    801 349-8365

    Established in 1947, Fernwood had been producing some of Utah's most delicious confections right here in Utah.
    Food of the Gods Chocolatier, LLC
    288 S 300 W
    Kaysville, UT 84037
    Cary Black
    801 444-1140

    The coveting of chocolate dates clear back to the Aztec & Mayans. They believed that the cacao was of divine origin, hence they called it "Food of the Gods". Food of the Gods Chocolatier is a creator of handmade fine chocolates that does everything to live up to its name. We make unique pieces that are exclusively their own and are made by hand in small quantities to ensure quality. We believe that chocolate is not just something to satisfy a sweet tooth, but it is food for the soul and should be an experience. To facilitate the experience, we also host Chocolate Tasting Parties. They are and incredible experience!
    310 Westview Drive
    Richfield, UT 84701
    Janet Bird
    435 979-1147

    Confections Fudge
    Grizzly Bear Candy Company
    528 East 550 South
    Heber City, UT 84032
    Daniel Robison
    435 657-9989

    Grizzly Bear Candy makes homemade toffee just like your mother or grandma used to make it.
    Idle Isle Candy
    41 S Main
    Brigham City, UT 84302
    Rich VanDyke
    435 723-8003

    Manufacturer of hand-dipped chocolates since 1921 in Brigham City, UT. Home of world-famous Almond Creme Toffee. We are also the manufacturers of Milk Chocolate Cherry, Huckleberry and Peanut Butter Bomb candy bars. Available at your favorite grocery store. Ask for them by name!
    International Chocolate Company
    2030 N Redwood Road
    Salt Lake City, UT 84116
    Tim Bergquist
    801 359-7375

    We have been making chocolate for over 12 years, offering the first single origin chocolate candy collection made in the United States.
    J. Morgan s Confections
    2665 Lincoln Avenue
    Ogden, UT 84401
    Gary Dahlquist
    801 688-4999

    For more than 60 years, J Morgan Confections has been making fine candy, truffles, and specialty caramels. Using proprietary recipes, JM Confections has produced some of the best confections available.
    Jensen Candy Company
    P. O. Box 25
    American Fork, UT 84097
    Sam Jensen
    801 763-7447

    Jensen Candy Company produces “Serendipity Mints,” a surprising discovery of deliciously blended chocolate and mint, the Serendipity Mints are available in both milk and dark chocolate.
    Kara Chocolates
    418 South 1325 West
    Orem, UT 84059
    Nicky Bleggi
    801 224-9500

    Kara Chocolates is a manufacturer and distributer of fine chocolate, candy, and novelty food products. Founded in 1987, this family-owned and operated business is still best known for its classic favorite: the Kara Mint Truffle. We have continued to expand our five distinct product lines to include over one-hundred products sold in specialty shops and department stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.
    Kencraft Candy, Inc.
    119 E 200 N
    ALPINE, UT 84004
    greg mccormack
    801 692-2200

    Kencraft, Inc. was established at the home of Ken & Marlene Matheson in Salt Lake City in 1969, with Panorama Sugar Eggs comprising the main product line. After a visit to a national trade show in Chicago in 1975, the business began a steady period of growth and moved into a dedicated production facility in Alpine, UT. Initially Kencraft continued with its line of Panorama Easter Eggs, as well as a line of royal icing flowers and decorations to be used in the wholesale bakery market. In the 1980’s, Kencraft expanded into what is currently its main product line, Lollipals. Lollipals are hand poured lollipops that are hand decorated with royal icing, using the distinctive Kencraft ability, which was the basis of the company’s success since 1969. The success of Kencraft at this time was based on the premise that a customer will be willing to pay a premium price for a premium-quality product backed by good, dependable service. As a manufacturer, our customers are the merchandise buyers for retail stores or buyers for other wholesale businesses. By giving our customers good quality and service, they have helped to pass along the quality to their retail customers, and the premise has proven to be a sound one.
    Box 701
    Bountiful ,Utah, UT 84011
    Marie Ansley
    801 907-0111

    homemade peanut brittle produced in bountiful utah,sales in utah only.
    Maxfield Candy Co
    1050 S 200 W
    Salt Lake City, UT 84101
    Randy Healey
    801 355-5321

    Maxfield’s Candy Company makes boxed chocolates and unique chocolate novelties with the same recipes used for more than 60 years. Maxfield’s success and long-standing tradition is built around quality—many of our chocolates are handmade in small batches, using whole, fresh ingredients and traditional candy-making techniques. Maxfield’s is best known for its candy; boxed chocolates, mint sandwiches, fudge, cream sticks and pecan logs.
    Nancyland Candy
    473 W 1680 S
    Orem, UT 84058
    Nancy Weller
    801 358-0842

    The maker of Nancyland Rainbow Dough, the candy that acts like a play dough. Allergen free with no artificial colors or flavors but a great fruity taste. A great fondant replacement.
    Old Time Caramels, LLC
    17 South 100 East
    Tooele, UT 84074
    Vernon Palmer
    435 843-5596

    Old time caramel candy in a variety of flavors and packaging.
    popcorn express
    2550 WASHINGTON BLVD #101
    OGDEN, UT 84401
    popcorn express
    801 510-5411

    making seasoned, glazed popcorn. gift baskets. serve coffee, espresso, candy, pop
    Sugared Inc
    843 E 300 S
    Salt Lake City, UT 84102
    Michelle Wolfe
    385 439-9080

    We are a Utah company who manufactures the best quality caramel candy, including a delicious sugar-free caramel. We also make delicious caramel sauce, low-sugar preserves, sugar skin scrubs and make beautiful gift baskets to order. We use as many local products as are produced in Utah and, those that are not grown/made in Utah, we purchase from local businesses to help support the local economy.
    Sweet Candy Company
    3780 West Directors Row
    Salt Lake City, UT 84122-0450
    Rachel Sweet
    801 886-8631

    Sweet’s distributes more than 250 quality candy items nationally and internationally—in bulk, bags, and boxes. Sweet’s is still known for its quality candy and world-class customer service.
    Taffy Town, Inc.
    55 West 800 South
    Salt Lake City, UT 84110
    David Glade
    801 355-4637

    For over 79 years we have been offering individuals the finest in Gourmet Taffy dedicated to taffy excellence. Using a whipped process that produces a soft texture taffy that simply melts in your mouth, we then add the finest in domestic and imported flavors to obtain perfection in confection.
    The Forbidden Fruit
    100 West Main Street
    Cleveland, UT 84518
    Darcey Powell
    435 653-2679

    Confectionary business specializing in production and distribution of gourmet caramel apples and gift baskets, featuring a full line of original caramel creations and candy.
    The Fudge Fairy
    3082 South 1000 East
    Kamas, UT 84036
    Dixie Averett
    435 783-2151

    Confections Fudge
    The Fudge Peddler
    4971 West Thrush Hill Drive
    West Jordan, UT 84084
    Shanna Olson
    801 280-6465

    The Sweet Tooth Fairy
    767 S Auto Mall Drive #9
    American Fork, UT 84003
    Megan Faulkner Brown
    801 375-3484

    A retail bake and sweets shop focused on delivering happiness in the form of gourmet cupcakes, cookies, cakes, cakebites, brownies/bars, and more!
    Utah Truffles
    5060 Amelia Earhart Drive, Ste B
    Salt Lake City , UT 84116
    Shad Slaughter
    801 808-0722

    Utah Truffles creates all natural, incredible chocolate truffles. The truffles are available in gift boxes or wrapped individually to conveniently satisfy any chocolate craving. The truffles are available in 7 delicious flavors: Almond, Pure Chocolate, Espresso, Mint, Orange, Raspberry, and Toffee.
    Your State of Chocolate
    1115 S 1010 W
    Tooele, UT 84074
    David Vice
    435 277-0020

    Almond Butter filled chocolate bars in the shape of your state. Check us out on Facebook.