Snack Food Companies

    ALLGOOD Provisions
    2260 Park Ave, #14
    Park City, UT 84068
    Jake Boyd
    435 901-0247

    ALLGOOD Provisions is a original brand of 100% organic snack foods including nuts, dried fruits, and trail mixes.
    Butcher's Bunches
    1410 N 1000 W Ste 1901
    Logan, UT 84321
    Liz Butcher

    Our handcrafted jams and preserves are definitely not just for toast – not that there’s anything wrong with that. Enjoy them on pancakes and waffles, in pastries or spread over cheesecake, swirled into yogurt or fruit compotes, spooned over ice cream, with cheese and pate, or straight from the jar. In addition to our focus on flavors and quality, we are committed to using as many local products as possible. And we never, ever use sugar substitutes. To us, sustainability means sustaining the farmers and other producers whose products have helped make us what we are today – one of Utah’s finest award-winning artisan products.
    Chad's Raspberry Kitchen
    151 E. Center
    Laketown, UT 84038
    Patrick Floyd
    435 227-5753

    Chad's Raspberry Kitchen is a company in Bear Lake that grows Bear Lake Raspberries, processes them, and produces raspberry products. We have operated for 12 years and have grown significantly. We are the only company to use raspberries from Bear Lake in our products.
    Chris n Daves Boiled Peanuts
    Dave Mathison
    801 870-7004

    Boiling peanuts can bring out up to 4x more antioxidants than eating them raw, dry, or oil roasted. These antioxidants help fight disease such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Sold at Farmers Markets.
    Chynna's Kitchen
    1500 S Daniels Road
    Heber, UT 84032
    Steven Stanley
    435 225-3698

    Named for Steven’s daughter who is gluten intolerant, Chynna’s Kitchen was established in 2011 with a commitment to produce great-tasting, reasonably-priced gluten-free convenience foods. Since 2010, when Chynna and other family members realized their intolerance to gluten, he and his team have spent countless hours researching the disease and its implications; conversing with interested consumers and professionals; experimenting with various ingredients and recipes; and conducting market research. Through this process, they have been able to create an ever-expanding line of exceptional gluten-free products. From their test kitchen and production facility in Heber City, Utah, Chynna’s Kitchen is pursuing their commitment with integrity and diligence by “cookin’ up your favorite gluten-free convenience foods!” From their test kitchen and production facility in Heber City, Utah, Chynna’s Kitchen is pursuing their commitment with integrity and diligence by “cookin’ up your favorite gluten-free convenience foods!
    Colbys Kettle Corn
    450 N 50 E
    Ephram, UT 84627
    Colby Divecha
    801 599-1683

    All natural, whole grain, gluten free Kettle Corn in a variety of flavors.
    155 W Malvern Ave
    Salt Lake City, UT 84115
    Paul Colosimo
    801 955-1779

    All of our pork sausages are made from only the finest cuts of pork. We use the pork shoulder commonly referred to as the Boston Butt. we make sausage on purpose and we never use off-cuts or trim product. Our sausages are made daily in our inspected facilities in West Jordan, Utah. Colosimo's makes over 25 kinds of sausages. Some of our more popular flavors include: Mild Italian, Hot Italian, Bratwurst, Polish, Cajun, and Tuscan Red Wine.
    Debbie's Delights
    1818 South 200 West
    Clearfield, UT 84015
    Debbie & Bob Fulmer
    801 825-3097

    We make homemade, crispy, crunchy, buttery sweet honey corn out of Clearfield, Utah. Started from my mother's recipe over 25 years ago for caramel corn. We wanted to try "honey" to replace the corn syrup and with some little tweaking of the recipe UTAH HONEY Corn was on its way! Hope you enjoy it
    Della Enterprises, Inc.
    8885 Damascus Way
    West Jordan, UT 84088
    Jean Paxton
    801 891-0518

    The best Gourmet Mustard Relish you have ever tasted. Old Fashioned Pickled Vegetables in Sweet Mustard Sauce. This European recipe Mustard Pickles was a favorite of Napoleons and spread across America with the Pioneers in the 1800s. Its wonderful sweet and tangy taste is great on all Meats, Hot Dogs, Potatoes and Egg dishes. It’s delicious on Ham, Beef, Turkey Chicken, Pork and Fish. It’s simply a must for any Barbeque.
    E.n. Llc
    702 eagle view drive
    Providence, UT 84332
    Ian Nummer

    e.n. LLC makes nutritious and delicious food products from yogurt. Currently we have two product lines. The first line is Longevity fresh fruit smoothies: mango pineapple, blueberry banana, and strawberry. The second line is Culinary Enlightenment. These are dips, dressings, or sauces. We have three: Toci verde, Firefry, and Tzatziki.
    Fat Boy Premium Ice Cream
    11805 N 200 E
    Richmond, UT 84333
    Steve Crane
    801 867-0817

    It all began back in 1925 when Casper Merrill took the milk and cream from the family milk cows and made the original Ice Cream Nut Sundae on a Stick. He made those first bars, known today as FatBoy® Nut Sundaes, and sold them at the local 4th of July celebration. Today, folks across the country are still enjoying FatBoy Premium Ice Cream just as much as they did in 1925.
    Gold Creek Farms
    6297 East Bench Creek Road
    Kamas, UT 84036
    Ricky Dynes
    435 783-5815

    Our products are made by hand with milk from our own Brown Swiss cows, chosen for their unique characteristics of quality milk with a high fat content and their gentle nature. Our cows are fed only the best locally grown hay and oats. We are proud of how we treat our cows, maintain their surroundings, and provide for their care. We welcome your questions and comments at
    Grandma's Signature Dips LLC
    3149 east 1610 south
    Spanish Fork, UT 84660
    Brenda Weyerman
    801 400-1174

    Premium dip mixes such as: Dill mix, Onion Parmesan mix, Fiesta mix, Creamy Garlic with Red Pepper mix.
    Instant Karma
    1782 Prospector Ave
    Park City, UT 84060
    Blanca Gohary
    435 313-5232

    Instant Karma Foods provides wonderful fully prepared, ready to eat Indo-Persian foods right in your local grocery store. Our foods are all gluten-free, preservative-free, and completely vegan. What really puts our food above the competition is the flavor! You will never taste better Indo-Persian food, and this comes ready to eat right from your local retailer. Stop by one of our many locations today and try the best ready-to-eat food in stores.
    Lauries Buffalo Gourmet
    1855 Fieldcrest Lane
    Murray, UT 84117
    Laurie Seron
    801 455-3813

    Gourmet tortilla chips and salsas
    824 S 400 W B128
    Salt Lake City, UT 84101
    Moudi Sbeity
    435 757-9310

    Authentic Lebanese hummus.
    Tiffany Tomkinson
    801 870-2513

    We offer gourmet pops. These pops are made fresh with as many natural, organic and local ingredients as possible. Some flavors are: plum basil, strawberries and cream, raspberries and cream, peaches and cream, pineapple cilantro, key lime pie, strawberry shortcake, salted caramel, chocolate banana, peanut butter oreo, peach rosemary, mango raspberry lime, blackberry lime, avocado pistachio, honey grapefruit, strawberry basil, coconut, zebra, mint lime, lemon cherry...and many more.
    Morrison Meat Pies
    6869 Navigator Dr
    West Jordan, UT 84084
    Gene Tafoya
    801 977-0181

    Since 1883, Morrison Meat Pies is one of the oldest food processing plants west of the Mississippi. We provide the highest quality meat, scottish and aussie pies anywhere, and we have the experience to prove it.
    Nature Baked LLC.
    1584 Blackhawk Dr
    Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
    Dusty Smith
    801 822-3000

    We are a Cottage Foods business producing a wholesome, natural, healthy, moist granola in several varieties. Our granola makes a great hot or cold cereal, a dessert topping, trail mix, or any time snack. We use raw honey and real butter unbleached flour and pure sea salt to set the standard for pure granola goodness.
    Nutty Guys Inc.
    3528 West 500 South Suite A
    Salt Lake City, UT 84104
    Dennis Graves
    801 974-0633

    Here at Nutty Guys, our goal is to provide you with the freshest products at great prices. Products include nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, candy, seeds, granola, and gift baskets.
    Oquirrh Mountain Outfitters
    7972 S 2760 W
    West Jordan, UT 84088
    J. Needles
    801 864-6083

    Pop Art
    Mike Dobson
    801 983-7470

    Each perfectly popped kernel is our canvas that we paint with strokes of bold flavor. Our palette of ingredients includes the finest quality organic corn, GMO free oils, all natural herbs & spices.
    Pop Art : Organic Gourmet Popcorn
    3730 Forest Hills Drive
    Salt Lake City, UT 84106
    Venessa Dobson
    801 983-7470

    Pop Art produces tasty, gourmet popcorn that appeals to the "foodie" consumer. We use the finest quality of natural kernels, oils, spices and cheeses to produce the best tasting popcorn on the market. Each bite of our delectable and savory popcorn is a like a burst of flavor in your mouth! The idea for Pop Art Popcorn, sprouted out of our love and passion of food and fun flavors. Together, we have created three wonderful flavors: Rosemary Truffle, Cracked Pepper Parmesan, and White Cheddar Jalapeno. We are sure you will love them all.
    Popcorn Express
    2550 Washington Blvd #101
    Ogden, UT 84401
    Jeff Hansen
    801 510-5411

    A couple of things you should know about our store. We have a great sampling table and a hollow green M&M girl. The M&M girl allows the little kids to reach inside and pick out their own little bag of popcorn. This allows the parents time alone to choose the popcorn they would like. On our tasting table is many of the flavors of popcorn we make fresh in our store and we love that you can try before you buy. Now would anyone else let you do that?
    4752 W. California Ave. Ste 1000
    Salt Lake City, UT 84104
    David Kempe
    800 921-2294

    Award-winning whole-food meal replacements and energy bars using delectable combinations of whole grains, chunky nuts and delicious fruit in 8 flavors that will simply satisfy.
    RBI Kathy's Kitchen
    Robert Brown
    435 820-4636

    We believe in and promote healthy living and healthy eating. Starting from simple home recipes we have been producing products made with all natural ingredients. We use only wholesome sweeteners in our products and believe in avoiding processed or chemically altered sweeteners or preservatives. Starting in 2002 our goal has been to share our delicious and healthy naturally sweet treats with all seeking a better way of eating.
    Red Rock Pistachio Orchards
    2005 S Turf Sod Road
    Hurricane, UT 84737
    Halley Bonfanti
    435 635-3352

    Red Rock Ranch Pistachio Orchards are located in Hurricane Utah, and have been providing the community of Southern Utah with fresh Pistachios for over 10 years. The dry Southern Utah climate is perfect for growing the most unique pistachio you will ever taste. We Guarantee that you will love them!
    Rokit Fuel Nutrition
    1825 N Main, Unit #4
    Spanish Fork, UT 84660
    Bernell Taylor
    801 794-2300

    Nutrition company producing portable nutrition that is all natural, gluten free, GMO free, vegan and kosher. Tasty Nutrition for anywhere you go.
    Rooster's Gourmet Popcorn
    11560 S. District Dr. Suite 100
    South Jordan, UT 84095
    Holly Walker-Roose
    801 495-4505

    Our gourmet popcorn is the world's best popcorn with over 50 flavors at any given time. From buffalo wing/ranch to salted caramel to Oreo. We have a little bit of heaven in the form of popcorn. Hand made from kernel to finished product.
    Sasha s Popcorn
    1065 N State St
    Orem, UT 84057
    John Tucker
    801 226-6009

    We developed our unique, delicious kettle corn that stays fresh naturally. It is lightly sweetened and lightly salted. The way it is popped produces a fluffy kernel that is perfectly shaped to increase flavor and support the flavor glaze that sets Sasha’s Gourmet Kettle Corn apart from its imitators. Our kettle corn is in high demand at University of Utah Sporting events and home games for the Utah Jazz and Salt Lake Bee’s.
    SnackCo (Pioneer Chips)
    851 McCormick Way
    Layton, UT 84041
    David Hansen
    801 779-9991

    Pioneer Chips and Lantchips
    Some Dudes LLC
    PO Box 526062
    Salty Lake City, UT 84152-6062
    Michael Thompson
    801 474-2211

    What the heck is Fry Sauce? Well folks, fry sauce is a condiment for dipping french fries that started here in Utah and is served at most of the burger joints in these parts. The burger folks' recipes are basically a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise, but "Some Dude's" recipe includes tomatoes, Santa Fe chiles, garlic, and "The Dude's" secret spices.
    Storey Food Products LLC
    1370 North Highway 89
    Kaysville, UT 84037
    Dean Storey
    801 546-0311

    Our pickles are hand packed with care to provide you with a uniquely colored and flavored pickle for any occasion. Our pickles make a great complement to a condiment tray, perfect for a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner or as an addition to many of your home-made favorites - potato salad, tuna fish or grilled cheese sandwich - or straight out of the jar. We're sure you will find a number of uses for our sweet pickle. In fact, we would love to hear how you like Storey's Sweet Memories best.
    Sugarbear Kettlekorn Roasted Nuts and Chainsaw Carvings
    2172 West 7125 South
    West Jordan, UT 84084
    Brent & Brenda Lowry
    801 561-2894

    Distributes premium almonds, pecans roasted nuts, kettle corn to your taste buds delight. Purchase Sugarbear products as a good snack food. In addition, Brent does custom chainsaw carvings. Check them out at the Utah State Fair!
    Super Amazing Products
    1880 Brady Creek Dr.
    Sandy, UT 84093
    Stephanie Allan
    801 300-5088

    We make Super Amazing hummus and dips that are original to our chef.
    Sweet Pop'n Cafe
    135 25th Street
    Ogden, UT 84401
    Tony Mora
    801 603-8505

    We are a Family owned and operated business on Historical 25th street in Ogden, UT. We love what we do and do what we love!!! We have over 67 different flavors of popcorn. Not to include the 100 different gourmet flavors we having!
    Tarahumara Chips
    435 W Airport Road
    Heber City, UT 84032
    Greg Grass
    435 654-3465

    Tarahumara Chips produces corn chips and corn tortillas using only Non-GMO gluten free corn and Redmond Real Salt®. Our flour and whole wheat tortillas contain only Organic flours and oils. All made in Heber City, Utah!
    Tequenos Factory LLC
    670 E Brittney Dr # 205
    Murray, UT 84107
    Raul Rivero
    801 413-8072

    Carribean gourmet cheese sticks wrapped in pastry dough. Also make empanadas, green chile salsa, and queso blanco.
    Twin Peaks
    PO Box 88
    Moroni, UT 84646
    Alan Morley
    435 851-4923

    Jerky, turkey
    Western Nut Company
    434 S 300 West
    Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1705
    Glenn McCrory
    801 363-8869

    Gifts, Baskets, Snack Foods and Nuts
    Wild West Jerky & Nephi Packing Co.
    100 N 100 E
    Luvan, UT 84639
    Corey Carlos
    435 623-0460

    Ted and Corey Carlos, the owners of wildwestjerky, are very passionate when it comes to making jerky. Their tasteful flavors have been developed over years of study, trial and error. Once you have tried a bag of wildwestjerky, you’ll never be the same.
    Wind River Jerky
    154 South State Street
    Orem, UT 84058
    Hiram Lund
    801 224-0010

    The Wind River Buffalo jerky product is so different than other jerky that customers often think of it as Dry Roasted Steak instead of Jerky. Our Jerky is Hand crafted.
    Yee-Haw Pickle Company
    6410 N Business Loop Dr Suite A
    Park City, UT 84098
    Allison Yeary
    435 659-5687

    The Yee-Haw Pickle Company is located in Park City, UT. Dedicated to working with Rocky Mountain Farms, we make the tastiest, hand-packed, all-natural pickles this side of the Mississippi.